In this context of globalization, complex and uncertain as it is today, many Italian companies with rich entrepreneurial skills, highly technical products and multi-generational experiences encounter difficulties in catching emerging markets opportunities. The economic, cultural, linguistic and operational management complexities hold back entrepreneurs and managers and therefore do not allow access to these new and important markets. At the same time many emerging foreign companies seek to differentiate themselves in the competitive marketplace researching technology, know-how and perspective vision in the European and North American markets.


White is not a financial service provider but enters entrepreneurially in the business and aspires to directly participate in the project being developed. This strategy allows the requesting partner to receive support in the process of internationalization by an entity (White) who is directly involved and interested in the real implementation and profitability of the project.

The business risk is shared!





White meets the global market with a strong entrepreneurial approach:

  • Promoting relationships between Italian and foreign companies;
  • Analyzing the advantages of internationalization;
  • Mediating cultural, legal and administrative differences;
  • Promoting products, markets and opportunities;
  • Capitalizing on experiences and established contacts.

White: a trained and competent Italian team, able to support its partners from the very beginning, from birth to the development of an entrepreneurial project.