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Logo Annie Claire minimal

Annie Claire
Company dealing with design furniture for luxury residences, hotels and restaurants, services from initial concept to production and installation – situated in Vicenza

Blacks Composites
Advanced composite engineering and manufacturing (Automotive, Motor-sport, Nautical ed Aerospace) – Situated in Faenza


CDVI Wireless
Manufacturer of wireless solutions for the smart home to be applied for Automatic Closures, Alarms, Electric installations and other systems – situated in Treviso

Hydroma logo

Hydroma India Pvt. Ltd.
Indian dealer for leading hydraulic products. Official dealer of several european brand for the indian market. Situated in Bengaluru.


Idrobase System Pvt. Ltd.
Company involved in the production and selling of professional high pressure washing machines for car washing. – Bengaluru


Financial holding company with engagement in the construction, furniture and industrial equipment sectors, located in Bengaluru.

scritta MENABO DUCAT B-02

Manufacturer of car accessories for fun and leisure ALL MADE IN ITALY – Cavriago (Reggio Emilia)

OCI logo

Oil Control India Pvt. Ltd.
Indian company, manufacturer and dealer for hydraulic valves and valve groups. – Bengaluru.


Origami Engineering
Excellent business development and advanced engineering in many business areas, headquartered in London, UK, and spread across all continents.

pgi logo

Planetary Gear Drives India Pvt. Ltd.
Indian company specialized in the production of gearboxes and mechanical parts, situated in Bengaluru


PSM Tech
Contract manufacturer specialized in custom cable assemblies, custom wire harnesses and engineering assemblies. Serving many sectors like automotive, industrial, home appliances, power and medical equipment. Chennai

rgs india logo full

RGS India
Indo-Italian joint venture specialized in the production of industrial vacuum cleaners and conveyors. – Zocca (MO)

Silwin Group
A holding involved in production and commerce of mechanical and hydraulics products, active in several different business, with headquarter in Bengaluru.

Sinkrom Corporation
US based company with specialization in internazionalization projects which offers, to Italian SMEs, several integrated services (administrative, legal, logistics, marketing, sales, distribution) to enter and develop the North American markets. – New York

Tecnolever India
Company specialized in the production, developing and selling of professional workbenches and customized automated lines, situated in Bengaluru

winch house

Winch House Pvt. Ltd.
The Indian leader for the development and production of hydraulic winches. – Bengaluru.