White S.r.l. was established as a Holding company in 2004 thanks to the significant business experience in the mechanical industry and the intuitions of the founder Piercelestino Pecorari.


Since 2005 the strategy of the Holding is focused on the development and management of investments in the emerging markets.


In a few years, thanks to the experience in the internationalization processes, the capillary network of foreign partners and the ability to select the most promising opportunities, White has extended its activities to an increasing number of sectors and geographical areas.


White is an enterprise for the enterprises.
White is business connection.


Since 2007 Our mission is to encourage the internationalization of Italian firms in the emerging markets using the network of CONTACTS and FACILITIES directly located in the pre-selected markets and through an innovative and concrete approach.

The matching of the different needs is the first tangible step that allows our Italian and foreign partners to know each other and encourage the development of new business activities.


White is partnership


White is not a financial service provider but enters entrepreneurially in the business and aspires to directly participate in the project being developed. This strategy allows the requesting partner to receive support in the process of internationalization by an entity (White) who is directly involved and interested in the real implementation and profitability of the project.


The business risk is shared!


Francesco Mati
Market research and entry strategies, Development and issue of business and operational plans, JVs Supervision and reporting.

Luigi Italiano
Products and processes technical analysis, Training to staff on site, Product Management.

Giovanni Pecorari
Research of new opportunities, Study of market scenarios and evolutions, Set-up, development and maintenance of sales networks, Budgeting.